Hardy Remagen GmbH & Co. KG


It was way back in 1718 that Theodor Remagen’s butcher shop opened for business, located along Linkgasse, a street in Cologne on the Rhine. Generations came and went – but the ambition never departed. In 1963, Hardy Remagen took over the company, in 1977 establishing Hardy Remagen GmbH. Today, the company is located in Hürth, near Cologne. It is an ultramodern company and a certified EC operation at the threshold of new Europe. Frank Remagen has been at the helm of the company since 1997 – a member of the 9th generation now leading this company, with its strong tradition, into the future.

Today, Hardy Remagen GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company that, on the strength of its most stringent standards of quality, ranks among the top ten best national and international producers of ham and sausage products, as recognised by the German Agricultural Society (DLG).


Product brochure
This is literally all about the sausage: idea, concept and implementation of a product brochure with a fresh image design.

Package design
Innovative Products staged: The product label, the currywurst packaging to the TK packaging.

Logo Design
Excellence requires a peak performance: The quality seal supports the excellent properties of Remagen products.

video Advertising
Stadium TV and LED advertising boards in the Mercedes Benz Arena VfB Stuttgart: Image advertising for Hardy Remagen in the 1st (federal) league.

Website, newsletters and Co.
The flagship of the World-Wide-Web is the attractive and innovative website presence.